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MEMORANDUM To: Temporary Employees, The Unemployed, Employment Agency's, Corporate America From: Tosha Collins Date: September 25, 2009 Subject: The Pros and Cons of Employee Outsourcing It has come to my attention that employees that are temporarily outsourced in companies, do not have the same benefits and perks as regular employees. This brings about many pros and cons. Those that are unemployed would not be aware of these advantages and disadvantages. It is important to let them know as well, since most are turning to employment agencies during this economic downturn. Companies today are outsourcing their headcount more for many reasons. The costs of hiring a permanent employee are significantly higher than not having to provide any benefits at all for a temporary employee. Although training could be a problem, this is what most companies are doing with the economy in its current state. Unfortunately, those that are out of work and seeking employment are not always aware that they are not going to be receiving the benefits that come with a normal job. And for those who are aware, they are okay with it until they are burnt out and need a
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ToshaCollins_unit 5_assignment - MEMORANDUM To: Temporary...

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