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PARTIES BY THE BEST MEMORANDUM TO: All Employees Worldwide FROM: Tosha Collins, CEO DATE: July 10, 2009 SUBJECT: Company Fiscal Year As we informed you in May, we made a promise to provide employees with an update on our business outlook shortly after our fiscal year ended in June, as well as any further decisions to be made regarding cost reduction. For the future success of Parties By the Best, our strategy has been to prepare the business for the decrease in economic conditions by implementing a broad range of cost reduction opportunities that would allow us to deliver an acceptable financial performance while limiting the impact on people. In order for us to forecast a profitable 2010, We will need to reduce cost in a major way. As a result, it saddens me to have to implement an employee separation program and layoffs for temporary or contracted help. We will also be shutting down for a week in January.
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Unformatted text preview: This will be without pay, so the use of vacation time is advised should you want to be compensated. We will now be sharing this information through department meetings in case there are questions that need to be answered. We realize the global economic crisis has had an impact on all of us, creating fear curiosity among employees and their families. That is why it is heart wrenching to share this news with you. We need to continue our focus on cost reduction, as these employment decisions are based on moving forward and living within the cost structure we have planned. As we work through these challenging times, we will continue to provide communication to all employees about our business. I look forward to working with all of you and making our future a profitable one. Thank you for your continued commitment to the success of our customers and our business....
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