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Tosha Collins - Unit 2 Project

Tosha Collins - Unit 2 Project - and how we will comply...

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Greg, I wanted to fill you in on my meeting today with Henning. We touched on the position that we should hire for our E-Business. Henning suggested that we hire a liaison between the manufacturing that we have contracted out to Mexico to make sure that everything runs smoothly and that orders are delivered on time. We also discussed using the lawyer that helped us incorporate on an as needed basis. This would help out since you are only here part-time. We should work out a deal with the lawyer at a slightly reduced rate from his usual hourly fees. Or, maybe we should create a list of services that we would be requiring and have him give us a price. We finished the meeting with speaking on ISO9000
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Unformatted text preview: and how we will comply with the EU standard. That will need the hiring of a consultant that specializes and has an impressive track record regarding the involved process, since it will involve the quality of requirements from the Manufacturer. Because neither of us has thought that far in advance, we need to do some research and draw up a one page summary of what we need to do to get started. Once we have our research together, we can schedule another meeting with Henning in a month. She just wants us to e-mail her an invitation through Outlook, two weeks in advance. All her messages go to her Blackberry, so once she gets it, we will talk....
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