Unit 8 Assignment final

Unit 8 Assignment final -...

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“How Joanne Stimus Came to be a Design Engineer” What is your title? Design Engineer What are your responsibilities? I design parts for turbine engines in oil and gas. I make sure that they are compliant for international and domestic usage. What kinds of skills do you need to perform your job? I started out with an engineering degree because I was an electrical engineer originally. I went to school and received my degree in business as well and that's how I was able to become a designer. Describe what you do during a typical day. I have many meetings. These meetings are for new concepts that I am in charge of to try and put into play. Solar is 6 Sigma, meaning that they try to come up with many ways to reduce costs, and safety hazards. Because I am an engineer, I also do technical writing for drawings when needed. What other jobs have you held that might have helped prepare you for this position? Been with Solar for 30 years. During that time I've been an electrician, electrical engineer, project manager, and now a design engineer. Each position was a stepping stone to the next
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Unit 8 Assignment final -...

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