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BCH311H1 Overhead Notes-Lecture 4 Translation: tRNACys- 3:70 position C-G, mutated to G-U (seen in tRNAla) – recognized by alanyl- tRNA synthetase. A group of ribosomes bound to mRNA – polyribosome/polysome Shine-Dalgarno Sequence: purine rich, 10 nts upstream of initiation codon, makes contacts with 16S rRNA at 3’end, mutations at 3’end of 16S prevent initiation of translation. 16S will form 3-9 base pair links with mRNA S-D sequence 50% of E.coli proteins begin with Met, less frequently Val, rarely Leu. Initiator tRNAf- differs from tRNAMet which recognizes internal AUG codons. Met-tRNAf can bind all 3 initiation codons, with varying degrees of affinity AUG> GUG> UUG Free Met and Met-tRNAMet are not substrates for transformylase A site – aminoacyl P site – peptidyl E site – exit Does a mischarged amino acid affect anticodon-codon binding? Using Ala-tRNACys 1) template generated with U and G (5:1) encodes for Cys (UGU) but not alanine (GCN), but in the in the polypeptide, Alanine is incorporated
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AndreoNotesLecture4 - BCH311H1 Overhead Notes-Lecture 4...

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