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Intl Business Review 2 - Bryan Redic ACCT A. Rich...

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Bryan Redic ACCT – A. Rich International Business Review #2 United States – IBM International Business Machines Corporation has very recently become the world’s second-most valuable technology company; second only to Apple Inc. IBM was able to take this position after they effectively passed Microsoft Corp. and its value. In order to continue this growth, senior vice president Steve Mills has stated that IBM plans more acquisitions to help fuel growth. IBM has the potential to spend anywhere from 100 million to 300 million on various targets. Chief Executive Office Sam Palmisano has expressed that he is seeking 20 billion dollars in additional revenue with 3 years. IBM plans on doing this by doubling or tripling the pace of sales growth of the companies that they acquire in the near future. IBM has made nearly 50 software acquisitions since 2006 and plan to keep that trend going. Their greatest expenditure has been in the area of business-data analysis software in which they have spent 14 billion dollars. Joel Achramowicz, an analyst at Blaylock Robert Van LLC said that IBM is “making the right acquisitions at the right time.” The timeliness and effectiveness of these acquisitions must be contributed to the great leadership of IBM’s management team.
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Intl Business Review 2 - Bryan Redic ACCT A. Rich...

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