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I did not recognize any of the pictures Strobel talked about in his book, I do remember seeing a picture of the evolution from moneys into humans (I was in 10th grade biology at this point). The idea did not effect me at all, in fact it even seemed crazy to some of the non-believers in the class. I was not completely opposed to the idea of microevolution because I put it in the same category as mechanisms of adaptation, like getting tan when you go to the beach so that you won't burn as easily the next time. But I do not believe anything happens without God, so any happening like that is because of His plan to do so. I do believe that science and christianity will
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Unformatted text preview: always be at war. As a believer I would like to believe that the earth and everything on it was created by God, and use science to explore his creation in depth. Non-believers want to find where everything came from and the simple answer of "God" just doesn't do it for them, in this case they will never accept creation and rely on theories (which take some faith to believe in themselves) to justify their disbelief in a creator. New evidence suggests that all the theories of evolution, especially macroevolution, may not be valid....
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