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Chapter3Essay - questions it had to be true that the...

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What I least expected was that the "icons" of evolution, as Strobel puts it, have been tested and proven false yet we still use them. My high school biology class taught about the miller experiment, and never even thought some sort of a disclaimer like "some scientists question the validity of the experiment because they believe that it did not accurately represent the atmosphere of the early earth". I was told that this is how it happened and that was that. When I questioned how after all of these proteins needed to create life came from nowhere, that they just "fell into place" to create something that eventually turned into human life. I was silenced rather quickly. The teacher said that because I was in the room, alive and asking
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Unformatted text preview: questions, it had to be true that the proteins formed and then linked together in the right order to ultimately lead to me being alive. A conspiracy theorist would love getting his or her hands on the intricate details of Haeckel's embryo drawings. The validity of the drawings were questioned well over 100 years ago but they are still used, as they were first created, in textbooks today. How could so many people be behind using these drawings without proving their accuracy? I was always told to be careful that nothing would throw off the results of my experiments and to record the data as I saw it, even if the results were not desirable....
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