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The word “kalam” is an arabic word literally meaning “speech” or “doctrine” that came to be used to represent Islamic theology. The Kalam argument has three steps,the first step is “whatever begins to exist has a cause.” It goes on that “the universe began to exist, therefore it must have a cause.” When analyzing what it means to be a cause of the universe you can identify many “divine attributes.” The Kalam argument basically proves in the muslim faith that there was a creator. Craig argues that very point, without a creator there would be nothing. He goes
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Unformatted text preview: through each step of Kalam and points out different reasons that there must be a creator, because there are so many things that are seemingly made with a purpose. I think the most important thing to learn from this chapter, is that you don’t necessarily have to convince someone to believe in your god, but rather that there is a creator. You can point out that things of nature are obviously made with a purpose and that there must be some creator behind all of these things that fit together on the earth so perfectly....
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