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I believe the evidence for our “privileged planet” directly points us toward the idea of intelligent design. There are so many things that are said to have “just happened” that all contribute to the presence of life on earth today. If all of these things were not working together in just the right way, there would be no way for life to exist here. One thing that caught my attention was that there are different types of galaxies and that the only way earth could sustain life would be for it to be in the exact position that it is, and in the spiral type galaxy. Two other things that surprised me were the necessary functions that the sun and moon serve. The moon is just the right size to properly control the tides of the ocean but not be
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Unformatted text preview: overpowering, but most moons aren’t that size, this points toward someone making sure it was the right size to function with the earth. The sun also points toward a designer. I didn’t know that the sun was a rare type of star, that has a different glow and size than 80% of the stars in the universe. If the sun was not exactly how it is now, life on earth would be much different. I was not sure exactly how to interpret the evidence about the world having different elevation levels enough to make deep oceans and higher land masses. I was taught that the land masses were physically changed over time, and that continents may have had much different shapes many years ago....
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