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Chapter8Essay - definitely plausible God may have designed...

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In his book, “Darwin’s Black Box”, Michael Behe approaches intelligent design a little bit differently than the average christian does; I think it is a more accepting and lenient viewpoint. Behe is willing to accept that humans may have descended from other species, specifically primates. He still will not accept that a common ancestor evolving into different species proves natural evolution occurred. He basically believes that some evolution could have occurred, but that does not mean that were was no “intelligent designer” behind it. I believe this viewpoint is
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Unformatted text preview: definitely plausible, God may have designed it so that some evolution would occur. As the earth changes (even slightly), life on earth changes as well. I do not think there is a way to conduct a test to prove the plausibility of any theory of design or evolution, at least not by scientific standards in the world today. There is bound to be subjectivity in your tests, and there are some things that will never be explained on earth....
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