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Chapter10Essay - informed decisions as relational beings...

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Consciousness can be defined as one’s self awareness, the awareness of one’s outward surroundings, and an understanding of one’s inner state of mind. Humans can be conscious all the time, knowing what is going on around them and what they are thinking about the world around them; Animals do not have this same ability. Some animals appear to have intelligence, and show that they think out their actions in advance but I do not consider that consciousness to be the same as humans because there does not appear to be emotion involved. I think God gave us the ability to understand and process complex thoughts and emotions so that we can make
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Unformatted text preview: informed decisions as relational beings. Scripture states that humans are to rule over all the creatures of the world; I think this is why we were given those thought processing abilities. I disagreed with the interviewer on his point that computers could at some point become conscious. Computers do have the ability to “think” for themselves and make informed decisions based on the information they have, but there is no way to tie emotion into the decision making process; I believe this is fundamental to being conscious in the human sense, so in my opinion computers can not be conscious....
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