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Daniel Steinhoff Prin. Of Biology Vegetarian Lifestyle: Go Green During the past two weeks, we have been discussing whether a vegetarian diet was a better choice and more sustainable than an omnivore diet and I have to agree that a vegetarian lifestyle is healthier and more sustainable than an omnivore lifestyle. Vegetarianism overall promotes healthy eating. Vegetarian eating usually gravitates towards foods that are not filled with high amounts of fats, cholesterol, or sodium which in high concentration can be harmful to the human body. Meat products do have a lot of benefits to the body, like protein and essential vitamins but vegetarians can use supplements and alternative vegetarian foods to get those same benefits. Many vegetarians have to worry about B-12 deficiencies but they can get the vitamin B- 12 from fish and, in smaller amounts, in milk and eggs. The sustainability of vegetarianism is very good, there is little affect on the ecological balance when eating only plants.
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