Final rock review

Final rock review - Punk: Berry gordy, back to basics...

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Punk: Berry gordy, back to basics MTV/pop: latin trends-milli vanilli Reggae: Religion very closely linked to music/minimalist, pot Bob Marley Punk Rock: Lou Reed (more in between) Walk on the Wild Side from Transformer album Different influences: doo wop (like Penguins, Motown style, funk) John Cayle (velvet Underground – beat culture, hippie influence) Less focused on entertainment, more about subject matter Both very groundbreaking, controversial subject, Andy Warhol’s factory/underground party scene. .. culture Originated in NYC bowery’s district, CBGB All about rebellion against society, fast, not about being the best at your instrument, just loud Ramones/Sex Pistols – very into performing fast songs, not meaning of lyrics Ramones – last names, James Dean modeled, cigarettes, leather Sex Pistotls “God Save the Queen” Nevermind the Bullocks-Here’s The Sex Pistols Songs released during the queen’s jubilee ceremony on a river boat (b/c they were banned from radio) New Wave: DIY, self-impowerment, more musical sophistication, cleaner image Elvis Costello – “Alison” Talking Heads, David Byrne lead The Cars, Ric Ocasek “Just What I Needed” really involved in MTV scene (larger fan base) First MTV video: The Buggles “Video Killed. .” Many capitalized on MTV era o Michael Jackson “Billie Jean” from Thriller produced by Quincy Jones Recently surpassed by the Eagles for bestselling album PMRC led by Tipper Gore, senators wives, explicit lyrics sticker
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Final rock review - Punk: Berry gordy, back to basics...

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