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Quiz14Sol - PHYSZZIZ Quiz#14 A Narnemlggigdifli...

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Unformatted text preview: PHYSZZIZ Quiz #14 - A Narnemlggigdifli un=4tu§lfl'?Tma"A B = (”01 f 4753;) (sinBl + sinflg} 1. A 3. 00m wire carries a current of 6. 5A as shcwn. Find the magnetic field vector at a paint a distance 1.5cn1 abcve the center cf the wire as in the diagram. [3: atria TM éffi (srnleaWMKI-lia“) :9 HT“ 0 Dis-M ' H.3-I0'fT ((—37) E3: (:v-i'fDFfT- Q #3 PHYSZZIZ Quiz #14 - B NameASQM-fi— a... =4axla'TTmra B = (pol I titty) (sine; + sinflg} 1. A 5.0cni wire can'ies a current of 7.5A as shew. Find the magnetic field vector at a point a distance 2.5crn abuse the center cf the wire, as in the diagram. T E = '3 L -1 _. . 8: WWW Tan, 7.: H (graqamamqm‘) r i ’ “ fl qfi' D.DlS-H If} \ ...
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