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Annotated Bibliography Mortlock, Dave. “What is Soil Erosion.” Soil Erosion. May 2007. Web. 9 Dec. 2010. This website provides some info about soil erosion but more importantly it helps lead us to other websites about soil erosion. This website talks about how soil erosion occurs, through natural forces, and how soil displacement destroys the environment. This site is written by a group of scientists and it has led us on to a series of valid sources confirming it validity. Nava, Frank. Personal Interview. 9 Dec. 2010. It is important for us, the students, to understand what we are undertaking in our project and how the project will affect the environment. Through this interview I have learnt how each aspect of our project affects the environment:”The ground covering helps hold the soil down. This cuts down on the soil
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Unformatted text preview: erosion”(Frank Nava). This source is valid as we interviewed a member of the Fremont parks division. Ransford, Matt. "Parkinson Linked to Pesticides .“ Popular . Popular Science, 28 Mar. 2008. Web. 9 Dec. 2010. <>. Some of the plants are treated with pesticides. We wanted to know if pesticides were a problem and if so we could try and plant things that would not require heavy pesticide usage. The article proposes that exposure to pesticides may contribute to Parkinsons. It also says that pesticides disrupt our nervous system. I think this source is valid because Popular Science is a reputable company and the article seems legitimate....
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