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Change presentation discussion final

Change presentation discussion final - The Steel head trout...

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The Steel head trout breeds in fresh water. The area in our vicinity where this used to happen is the Alameda creek. The Alameda creek runs for 45 miles through Niles canyon and Sunol valley, bisecting Santa Clara and Alameda counties before flowing downstream to the San Francisco bay. Today one hardly sees any trout in this creek. There are two main causes for the decline of the trout population. The first challenge the trout face is their run to ideal spawning grounds. Because trout originated in fresh water, they can only spawn in fresh water. The spawning season runs from January to April. The lifecycle of these fish is to spawn in freshwater creeks and streams, go back to the ocean before returning upstream to spawn again. The obstacles placed in their migration path, mainly man made, handicap the trout both in their ability to swim freely and to find suitable spawning and rearing habitat. Concrete barriers, such as reservoirs are one form of an obstacle.
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