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Conclusion 2-14-11 Around the Bay Area and the world, people pollute the oceans and destroy the natural ecosystem. Human expansions have interfered with the trout’s run habitats. The steelhead trout (Oncorhynchus Mykiss) have had their habitats destroyed and taken over by the urbanization of what was once natural environment. The trout have also had their run destroyed- (Disrupted?) multiple times with physical barriers such as BART tracks crossing their way and dams built in their breeding grounds. The trout’s prey need relatively cool water. The destruction of trees around the river has disrupted the delicate temperature which the insects (the fry’s prey) need to survive, the few fry that do spawn, now die from starvation. Another obstacle the trout face is all of the water from the storm drains which contains pollutants such as motor oil, gasoline, and detergent. The pollutants flow into storm drains travel into the streams and rivers that the trout live in; this causes their offspring to die when they spawn due to the basic water I think the polutatnts can also directly kill the trout and probably kill their prey. If the fish are not allowed unable to reproduce, then wording the ecosystem will be broken, possibly affecting our food supplies. Next paragraph stuff somewhat not necessarily food supply We should all be concerned about the environment. The decreasing steelhead trout population is a problem that threatens to destabilize the whole ecosystem. Without any
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ChangeProjectFinalConclusion - WIP - Conclusion 2-14-11...

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