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Discussion -- powerpoint -- not really sure. - channel...

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The threat the steel headed trout face is very real. The trout face habitat destruction compounded by a lack of prey. The human advances onto trout land results in smaller breeding grounds. Bart track which cross their path serves to form a barrier against trout procession. The creation of a dam served to create a nigh impassable barrier for the trout -0- not sure – put video in here,. Unfortunately the fish swim up the alameda creek flood control channel. This
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Unformatted text preview: channel receives water from strom drains all over union city not sure. The storm drains , unfortunately , often carry waste products like oil which hurt the insects , the fishs prey. wording kinda weird. This hurts the fry, baby trout. The loss of the trout would result in the destabilization of the ecosystem. Sounds kinda like the conclusion not sure...
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