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The problem the trout face is twofold. The first problem the trout face is run interference. Basically the Trout are unable to reach their spawning grounds without human intervention. (This is due to the Bart tracks/weir that crosses their run. A weir is a small overflow dam that alters the flow of a river or a stream.) The weir serves to create an impassable barrier for the trout. If the Trout are unable to reach their spawning grounds they cannot reproduce and their population cannot grow. The second problem the trout face is habitat destruction. The creek through which the trout flow is the endpoint for many a storm drains. This leads to large amounts of pollutants and waste in the creek. The trout while normally resilient creatures are exhausted by the upstream travel. This makes them more susceptible to diseases and toxins found in the water.
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Unformatted text preview: The loss of trees along the creek bank is a major part of habitat destruction. Without the trees to hold down soil, soil erosion takes place leading to poor water quality. Poor water quality leads to unsuitable spawning grounds. A lack of trees and thus shade means an increase in the temperature of the water. The fry (baby trout) can die outright from the high temperature. The Fry’s prey includes zooplankton and insects. Their prey dies either due to pollutants or high temperatures. This leads to starvation. The loss of the trout destabilizes the ecosystem. The trout play a major role in controlling insect populations. Now my partner Russell is going to talk about what we did to help the Steelhead trout....
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