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The problem the trout face is twofold. The first problem the trout face is run interference. A run is the path trout take to get to their spawning ground. Basically the Trout are unable to reach their spawning grounds without human intervention. This is due to the Bart tracks that cross their run at Mowry Ave. Underneath the tracks is a weir. Weir is a dam that blocks the trout. If the Trout are unable to reach their spawning grounds they cannot reproduce and their population cannot grow. The second problem the trout face is habitat destruction. This means that the few fry that do spawn soon die due to an unsuitable environment. The Alameda creek through which the trout flow is the endpoint for storm drains throughout Union City. This leads to large amounts of pollutants and waste in the creek. The pollutants can be things as simple as soap used in a carwash or motor oil but they have huge impacts on the trout. The toxins in the creek kill of the insects like nymphs and stoneflies that are the steelheads prey. The lack of prey leads to
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