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287 10 27 Test2 - MTH 287 Test 2(due Wednesday Write out...

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MTH 287 Test 2 (due Wednesday October 29, 2008) Write out all of the steps and the answers to the following problems on the test paper. This page should be attached to the front of your work You are not to discuss (this includes writing gesturing or any form of communication) in any way anything about this test with anyone! As the instructor, I reserve the right to have any student come in and explain his/her work on this portion of the test and to add or deduct points as appropriate based on the explanation. You may use your own notes, text, and graphing calculator. No other texts, notes or ancillaries of any kind are to be used. When you have completed the test, sign the pledge below: I have neither given nor received aid of any kind on this test. X_______________________________________________
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Name __________________ MTH 287 Test 2 Write all of your answers on this test page along with any work to be considered. 1) Prove or disprove the following conjecture: If A C and A B then A B C 2) Determine if the following relation is R eflexive, S ymmetric, A
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