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Client (Taylor Kitchen) Introduction: I have always been interested in maintaining a healthy diet ever since I began lifting weights in high school. I currently weigh 180 pounds and am 6 feet in height. I have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 24.4. Going to the gym and maintaining a healthy diet was something I always took seriously. As my University career began these activities began to diminish. Although I do workout, it is not regularly. This past summer I worked out and began eating healthy again, but when school started this began to fade. The dietary analysis will assess three random days of my nutritional diet. This 3-day diet reflects on what I ate on an average day since classes began in September. I’m looking for a guideline of the recommended intakes of certain foods, nutrients, minerals and vitamins too help me make the appropriate changes to my diet. Nutrient Summary Table: *** EAR = Estimated Average Requirement (estimate of how much needed) *** AMDR = Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Ranges (% of total energy) *** UL = Upper Intake Levels (max that appears to be safe before toxicity) *** RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance (98% population) *** Caloric Intake % of daily energy =(Nutrient Calories/ Recommended caloric intake) Important Nutrients Intake of client Recommended Intake of client EAR AMDR RDA UL Caloric Intake (%) of daily energy Note: (+) or (-) intake Calories 2111 2988 2111 calories = 71% (+) Protein (g) 82.76 65.32 10-35% 56 331.04 calories = 11% Carbohydrate (g) 260.16 410.90 100 45-65% 130 1040 calories = 35% (+) Fat (g) 80.12 92.97 20-35% 712 calories = 25% Fiber (g) 9.96 41.84 38 (+) Vitamin A (mcg) 278.20 900 625 900 3000 (+) Vitamin C (mg) 67.64 90 75 90 2000 (+) Vitamin E (mg) 4.03 15 12 15 1000 (+) Folate (mcg) 130.60 400 320 400 1000 (+) Calcium (mg) 1062.2 9 1000 800 1000 2500 Zinc (mg) 3.88 11.00 9.4 11 40 (+) Sodium (mg) 2791 2300 1500 2300 (-) Iron (mg) 8.79 8.00 6 8 45 Macronutrients (carbohydrate, fat, protein) 423g 567g (+)
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***For client’s full nutrient intake vs recommended intake; refer to the Appendix. Results: Upon assessing the reports and summarizing the client’s intakes verses the dietary recommended intakes, many deficiencies were found. The overall caloric intake total of 2,111 calories per day was found to be lower than the Estimated Energy Requirement (EER) of 2,988. Calories from carbohydrate were considered low and should be increased to achieve better energy levels. Most of the vitamins consumed were very low compared to the recommended intake except for the vitamin B12, which was consumed in excess. Intake levels from the minerals calcium, iron, selenium, sodium, and phosphorus were met. Actual levels of zinc, potassium, and magnesium were lacking. Based on the client’s profile, overall caloric intake is lower than the recommended level, but he obtained a good level of calories from fat and protein. Carbohydrate intakes are relatively low based on the client’s health status. Fiber content was scarce and needs to be improved in the
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dietanalysis_ESSAY CHSC 2P91 - Client(Taylor Kitchen...

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