GroundRulesMWOnly - MA 15300X MW Only Spring 2012 Ground...

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MA 15300X MW Only Spring 2012 Ground Rules COURSE WEBPAGE The course website for MA15300X is . This is where the Assignment Sheet, Ground Rules, and Schedule can be found. All other course materials are available on the main course website . Check the course website frequently for new materials and ALWAYS visit the course website before requesting information from your instructor or the course coordinator (what you are requesting may already be available on the website). CLASS PERIOD Students are expected to attend every class meeting and to read the appropriate sections of the text before coming to class. Your instructor may not have time to cover every topic in class, but it is still your responsibility to learn these topics. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the supplemental videos and PowerPoint presentations covering each lesson. These resources are provided on the MA 15300 website, . HOMEWORK There will be 40 homework assignments during the course of the semester. All homework assignments will be completed online using WebAssign. Students should visit the course website ( ) and use the WebAssign Intro link under Online Homework to get started. All students are allowed a two-week grace period during which no payment is required. Generally, assignments will be due 12 hours after the start of the next class period. Students will have 100 attempts to correctly answer each homework problem, so there should be no reason why a student would not receive 100% on each homework assignment. Also, a 10% bonus is given for problems successfully completed before the beginning of the next class period, so students will have the opportunity to exceed 100% on each homework assignment (check WebAssign for all due dates and times). Completing each homework assignment BEFORE the next class period is certainly your best way to be prepared for quizzes and exams. It is highly recommended that students use the web browser Mozilla Firefox when working on WebAssign. It is also highly recommended that students complete all homework problems on paper before entering their final answers on WebAssign. Late homework assignments will not be accepted and there are no make-up assignments. At the end of the semester, each student’s four lowest homework scores will be dropped. QUIZZES (DAILY SCORE) A daily score will be given every class, starting with the second class (Wednesday, 1/11/12). The daily score will be a short quiz, usually covering the lesson from the previous class. It is important to complete each assignment BEFORE the next class to be prepared for these quizzes. No make-up quizzes will be allowed for any reason and students may not take any quizzes
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GroundRulesMWOnly - MA 15300X MW Only Spring 2012 Ground...

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