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Jacksonville Jaguars Spot ® e-Cash Card: Evaluating IT Benefits and Risks; Identifying Assurance Services Opportunities 1 LEARNING OBJECTIVES Identify benefits, costs and risks to businesses from implementing information technologies Determine how CPAs can provide assurance about processes designed to reduce risks created when new IT systems are introduced Understand ways CPAs can identify new assurance services opportunities (i.e., new areas for revenue generation) INTRODUCTION The Jacksonville Jaguars National Football League (NFL) team is taking advantage of electronic payments technologies in the sale of stadium snacks and souvenirs. At Alltel Stadium where the Jaguars play their home games, football fans can use Spot Cards to pur- chase soft drinks, beer, popcorn, and Jaguar souvenirs rather than fumble for cash and change when making their purchases. 1 The Spot Card offers both benefits and costs to fans in the stadium. The use of electronic payment technologies offers advantages for snack and souvenir vendors by providing better information for monitoring their businesses. Although electronic payment technologies offer improvements for the fans and vendors, those who rely on the Spot Card to process sales need assurance that the technology and related information produced is accurate and reliable. BACKGROUND The implementation of the Spot Card at the stadium in Jacksonville represents one of the first uses of that type of electronic payment technology in a major sports stadium. The stadium contracted with First Union Bank, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, to develop and implement the Spot Card system. First Union contracted with Diebold 1 This case was prepared by Frank A. Buckless, Ph.D. and Mark S. Beasley, Ph.D. of North Carolina State University and Steven M.
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