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ACC 220 Week 5 DQ 2 Planning is a crucial component in business and is both the creation and refinement of the plan.  Firstly, planning is associated with business because the whole notion of a business must have  been started of by a plan which will have consisted of the business goals, mission and the  methods to attain the goals. For example, a firm selling flowers may have a business goal to  globalize its business and export its flowers internationally and one of methods drafted out in  the plan will be to set up a website which will connect the firm to the rest of the world. Also, as  business is not about an individual but more about teamwork, we require the whole team to  come up with ideas to create a plan as reflected in businesses where employees are split into  teams to concentrate on areas which they specialize in, and also to refine the plan where 
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Unformatted text preview: members of the organization come together i.e. meetings to discuss the banes and boons of a certain plan. In business, planning is complemented by motivating. This is because one can only come out with good plans when one is motivated to attain the business goals. Hence, motivation is necessary in planning, and this is achieved in business through various means such as providing an incentive in the form of an increase in wages or providing encouragement in terms of commendation of an employee's work by the employer. Motivation is necessary because while anyone can come up with a plan, coming up with a distinguished plan will require much creativity and patience; hence it is important that members of the organization are motivated and united as a team....
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