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Poli Sci review - Test Review I. II. III. Hard test...

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Test Review I. book questions (10 min) II. lecture lessons (10) III. essay question (50%) (30) Hard test Ratification 2/3 house 2/3 senate ¾ states to ratify or a constitutional convention To change senate representation of a state, all states must approve Circumstances under which consti was written-concerns with centralized power, strong national gov toreg commerce and taxation (left out), aoc, problems of weak nat gov Chay’s rebellion, piracy, bristish out of west, state to state trading, credit for the gov Concurrent powers – powers that can be exercised by both state and nation as long as theres no interference Great compromise House of rep 3//5 th compr Ratification of treaty compro Bicameral vs unitary Fight over consti adoption (not approved at 9) Anti feds claim Fed claim…. New consti provisions Concerns/fears of framers faction, mob, concentrated power, maintaining order, strong execs, etc Original intent arguments Const structure Art I vs II vs III I most detatiled What’s not in consti
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Poli Sci review - Test Review I. II. III. Hard test...

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