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370 Syllabus (Summer10)-1 - KIN 370: Stress Management for...

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California State Polytechnic University Summer 2011 (10 week session) Instructor Dr. Kristine Fish, Associate Professor Contact Info Email: kfish@csupomona.edu Questions Before you email your instructor with any questions, first check to see if the answer to your question is found on the Syllabus or your CPP email. Do NOT rely on a friend or former KIN 370 student to answer your questions. For ALL technical questions or problems, email helpdesk@csupomona.edu or call 869-6776. Email Info Check your CPP email on a regular & consistent basis! Configure your CPP account to forward your emails to your personal email account if you don’t usually check your CPP email. On all email correspondence, always include your first & last name, the class in which you’re enrolled (“KIN 370” in either in the text of the message or in the subject line), and the original email(s) if a reference is necessary. On weekdays (Mon-Fri), allow 24 hours for a response from your instructor. On weekends (Sat & Sun), you may need to wait until the following Monday for a response. Course Description Stress theory, stress physiology, social, gender, and ethnic influences on stress reactivity, health consequences of stress and stress management methods. 4 hours lecture/discussion. Interdisciplinary GE Synthesis course for Sub-area B4 or D4. Course Prerequisites 1) Upper division standing 2) Self-motivated and self-disciplined 3) Able to learn without personal, face-to-face interaction of the instructor 4) Able to follow written instructions 5) Not easily frustrated when there are technical problems Textbook There is no longer a textbook required for this class. Only a required DVD. The title of the DVD ( Stress Management for Healthy Living by Kristine Fish) is the same title as the textbook that was formerly used. So be careful not to purchase the textbook. The DVD is only available at the Bronco Bookstore. If you buy it anywhere else, you’re buying the wrong one. It must say “Summer 2011” on it. Course Objectives Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: 1. Clarify and express personal ideas and opinions pertaining to stress management and emotional health issues (Discussions). 2. Gain a stronger understanding of a personal interest pertaining to a particular concept regarding stress management (Book Review). 3. Identify stressors, your emotional, physical, and behavioral reactions to them, and explore and implement a variety of coping and relaxation techniques (Stress Journal). 4.
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370 Syllabus (Summer10)-1 - KIN 370: Stress Management for...

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