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Discussion 4 - I do agree that managing stress effectively...

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I do agree that managing stress effectively should be considered just as important to one’s physical health as diet and exercise. For many people, stress is so commonplace that it becomes a way of modern life. Stress maybe a necessary part of everyday life but uncontrolled it can threaten our mental and physical wellbeing. Even though stress isn’t always bad, which is eustress, it can help us perform under pressure and motivate us to do our best. However, if we constantly running in a emergency mode, our mind and body pay the price. In order to stay healthy, most people put a lot of focus, times, and energy into the areas of trying to eat healthy, and trying to get more exercise. However, one area that people often neglect in their pursuit of health is a balance in their life which is managing their stress level. For example, many people are trying to stick to an organic or natural food diet and they are willing to pay much more and believe it must be better for their health if it is organic. Most people also exercise regularly because they are very
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