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Evaluation of Learning

Evaluation of Learning - What skills/concepts did you...

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Name___Sin Yi, Wong (CHRISTY)______ 411 Evaluation of Learning—Final Exam Due at Final Exam time or before Not more than 2 pages 1.  What did you like about the class? I like the Strategy and Policy Game. It was fun and challenging. 2.   What did you dislike about the class?    The spreadsheet. 3.   What would you change about the class? I would like to add a presentation on the Strategic Analysis. 4.
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Unformatted text preview: What skills/concepts did you apply/learn? List at least 5 things. • To forecast demand. • The SWOT analysis. • To calculate ratios. • To create a spreadsheet. • To analyze company’s financial datas. 5. What previous classes did you apply in TOM 411? Hopefully you can list at least 3 classes? • IBM 301 • TOM 301 • FRL 300...
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