I believe that mind and body connection are extremely

I believe that mind and body connection are extremely - I...

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I believe that our past experience influence our perception. Because our past experiences lead us to develop expectations and these affect current perception, which influence us to get stressed in particular situation. For instance, some people are so afraid of dogs. In most cases, this phobia is caused by a negative experience with a dog such as bite or attack. From then on the subconscious mind associate all dog with fear and panic. I remember my father was bitten by a stray dog in a park a few years ago, and he still fear of dogs. I have a golden retriever and a cocker spaniel. Since then, whenever he comes over to my place he would asks me to keep my dogs in the backyard. He said he would stress out when a dog approach him after that accident. Another example would be a friend of mine was nearly drowned in the swimming pool when he was a child. Thankfully he was pulled out quickly by the lifeguard, but by then the damage was done. He was petrified of the water. He told me every time he went chest deep into any pool he
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