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Unformatted text preview: TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Executive Summary.P.3 II. History.....P.4 III. Industry Analysis.....P.7 IV. Internal Environment...........P.8 V. Vision, Mission, and Objectives..P.10 VI. Strategies: Corporate/Business/Functional strategyP.10 VII. Evaluation and Control........P.11 VIII. Social Responsibility ...........P.12 IX. Corporate Governance............P.13 X. Conclusion.......P.14 XI. References...........................P.15 Executive Summary Netflix currently boasts more than 25 million subscribers in the United States and Canada. For many years now, Netflix has stayed ahead of their competitors, coping with challenges in the marketplace and striving to improve its operational efficiency. Netflixs core mission to be the worlds leading internet subscription service for enjoying movies and TV shows (Netflix) has enjoyed major success to date. Established in 1997, Netflix is still considered a young, rising company. Due to its innovative business strategies, ability to quickly scale to demand and deep industry insight and knowledge, it has been able to successfully differentiate itself and gain a tremendous share of the market in a relatively short period of time from traditional market leaders such as Blockbuster and Hollywood Video. One of several key success factor for Netflix was its unique and streamlined sourcing strategy, ability to instantly deliver content without sacrificing the media watching experience and personalizing content based on customers individual habits. With over 200 mediums to stream shows and movies from, 5 million discs to rent, and 15,000 titles to choose from, Netflix has really revolutionized the way movies and television shows are viewed. Netflix capitalized on its successes by moving into the video gaming industry and repeating its successful strategies for popular consoles such as XBox 360, Nintendo Wii and Playstation. Netflix sought and cultivated strategic business relationships with DVR console providers, satellite programming providers, and advertising agencies. Lastly, they have stated that in all, more than 200 devices that stream from Netflix are available in the United States and a growing number are available in Canada (Netflix). Its no wonder why and how Netflix became such a huge phenomenon in such a short time....
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tom411 NETFLIX - TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Executive Summary.P.3...

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