Week 6 - I agree that we dont habitually think creatively...

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I agree that we don’t habitually think creatively because the emphasis in our society has always been on logical thinking, and there are more reasons beside that. Each of us has the power to be creative. We each have the ability to access the unseen realms of creation and explore in ways our mind cannot often logically understand. It’s part of our natural make- up as human being. The trouble is that, too often, we block our natural creativity and so make errors in thinking and give ourselves more problems than we should. Some people do not trust the potential of their creative thinking and exaggerate the value of being logical. They may view creative thinking as being speculative, lacking precision, or as characteristic of dreamers. They often fail to see that their pride in being logical may really be part of a grandiose fantasy they have designed to enhance their own self- esteem. I consider myself a fairly creative person; I am not afraid to try something different and love to think outside the box. I believe that creativity is one of the most important things of humanity. Without creativity, we would have no
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Week 6 - I agree that we dont habitually think creatively...

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