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frl 420 hw1 - the founder should receive For Dame to...

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Sin Yi, Wong (Christi) FRL 420 HW 1 If Dame decided to sell the concept, since Crites and Sanabria hadn’t invested any money to date, they will only receive for the amount or time that they had been contributed. For instance, each term member had invested roughly 80 hours in the business plan project; Dame should sort out Crites and Sanabria equity base on this. Dame is the one who came up with the concept and prior to the business plan project almost 7,000 guides had been sold without any advertising or full-time support. The earlier, bigger, or longer the contribution to the venture, the more equity
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Unformatted text preview: the founder should receive. For Dame to prevent conflict and misunderstanding between each other, he should discuss and address this issue with them as soon as possible. If I were Dame I would pursue the opportunity part time with Crites and Sanabria because this is what I created and passionate about. In business, it is always hard to find a partner that you can trust, as enthusiastic or knows your products as well as you do. They have been working together for a while, and have done...
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