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I agree with Albert Einstein’s “Iimaginations more powerful than knowledge.” In my opinion, Imagination is the foundation of knowledge - how else can anything ever be invented? If you want to solve a problem, it's a given that you don't know how - if you did, there would be no problem. Imagination allows you to perceive the problem as a problem, something to be solved. It allows you to visualize the concept of overcoming the problem. It allows you to come up with ideas that all your previous knowledge says is unproven and therefore unlikely to work. Through these you experiment to arrive at your solution. The more knowledge you have, the bigger your ideas can be, but without imagination, you'd have no ideas at all. Moreover, If someone didn't have the imagination to invent television, or the imagination of knowing something we didn't know before, where would we be? Imagination brings curiosity and the question of "maybe it could be real". Knowledge is what we get from the our experiences and the experiences of other
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