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The Chrysanthemums and The Magic Barrel

The Chrysanthemums and The Magic Barrel - English 101 The...

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English 101 “The Chrysanthemums” and “The Magic Barrel” Love and affection is what everyone wants in a relationship with their significant other. The two stories, “The Magic Barrel” by Bernard Malamud, and “The Chrysanthemums” by John Steinbeck are some examples of people wanting more in life. Elisa, from “The Chrysanthemums”, wants her husband to put more effort into their relationship and Leo from “The Magic Barrel”, just wants to have someone to love. There are causes and effects in both of these stories but we are going to start with Elisa in “The Chrysanthemums”. Elisa and her husband have been married for some time and maybe being with someone for so long, a person can get too comfortable with the other. They might start to lose the sense of passion they once had for that person. In this story Elisa works in her garden and flower beds and does a lot of labor. She doesn’t really take pride in the way she presents herself around her husband. She dresses like a man in the garden to work and she and her husband aren’t intimate
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