Babylon. - English 101 Alcoholism in Babylon Revisited...

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English 101 Alcoholism in Babylon Revisited Alcoholism is a serious disease. It is an extremely destructive and addictive disease that produces an increased amount of emotional and psychological problems within a society, and can also wreak havoc upon families. Experts define Alcoholism as, “A chronic disorder characterized by dependence on alcohol” (“Alcoholism” 1). Alcohol influences people to carry out actions that they normally would not. Alcoholism has been interpreted in many different ways. Some have said that it is the worst act of evil imaginable. The short story, "Babylon Revisited", by F. Scott Fitzgerald is an excellent example of how individuals can take their addictions too far. Can you imagine living with yourself after tearing your family apart single handedly, and knowing it is completely your fault? That’s exactly what will happen if a person is not responsible with their actions. Alcohol can destroy a family by influencing the user to perform tasks that would never have been executed in a sober state of mind. Research has stated “Alcohol effects the central nervous system as a depressant, resulting in a decrease of activity, tension, and inhibitions” (Health Professor 1), it has also been stated that, “An alcoholic can totally disrupt family life and cause harmful effects that can last a lifetime” (Parsons 1). This terrible disease
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Babylon. - English 101 Alcoholism in Babylon Revisited...

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