Sibling Selfishness - Sibling Selfishness Relationships...

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Sibling Selfishness Relationships between siblings always have some kind of drama. If they are young then it is over toys, and if they are older it is about the other sibling not doing something right or even what each child inherits from family as they pass on. The stories, “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker and “Why I Live at the P.O.” by Eudora Welty have sibling drama throughout both stories. A brother or a sister always strives to be the center of attention, it’s just natural. They want to be the favorite and to think that they are the more important child of the family. Siblings always want more and that is the case in the story “Everyday Use”. Everyday use is a story about a mother and her two daughters. The older, educated, daughter, Dee, wants the quilts that her mother made but her mother promises them to the younger sister, Maggie. Dee tells her mother, “Maggie can’t appreciate these quilts! She’d probably be backward enough to put them to everyday use.” (Walker 845). The mother tells Dee, “I hope she will!” (Walker 835). Dee just wants the quilts because they are fashionable to have now, but when her mother offered her one in college she turns it down because they aren’t
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Sibling Selfishness - Sibling Selfishness Relationships...

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