My perspectives - My perspectives Case study: Spirituality...

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My perspectives Case study: Spirituality (1) In one sense yes, in another no. Spirituality concerns itself globally with matters of the spirit. It is not the same as religion because you don't have to be religious to have a spiritual nature. Many people that do not believe in any one religion are quite often seekers, and are spiritual at heart. Agnostics, people that believe in God and spirit, but don't fall into a religious category, would be considered spiritual. On the other hand, very religious people, those that take the teachings of their religion to heart and not just go through the motions are spiritual also. In fact more people fall into the religious category of spirituality then the non-religious. (2) Spirituality shows up in the work place when people trust each other, share their ideas freely, and work well together. For me spirituality in the workplace means many things, including: Viewing what we do at work as part of our life’s purpose and not as something separate form our principles and values; Understanding that what we do impacts not only us, but our colleagues, our company, our industry, our community and our environment; Being proactive to make our company a better place for the current and future employees as well as customers and vendors; Taking full responsibility for our actions and our “in-actions”- no excuses, no finger pointing; Telling the truth, having integrity and being authentic; Communicating from our heart rather than our ego and encouraging others do the same; Giving honest feedback in such a way as to maintain our own and the other person’s self- esteem; Being open-minded as well as non-judgmental and treating everyone with respect no
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My perspectives - My perspectives Case study: Spirituality...

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