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Gordis, Lisa (2006, February). Forth the Old Because of the New.” Early Americanists and Contemporary Culture. Volume 41, Number 2 EBSCOhost database. This article will be able to show how a new culture has come about to revolve around media and its influences. This article is very credible because it contains bias with evidence to prove it. Grossman, Dave (2008). We are training our kids to kill. Saturday Evening Post There are many contributors to this website which shows me how the media is teaching children how to get away with crimes and how it is numbering then to reality. This author is credible and backs up all opinions with fact as well as cross-references with other sources. Jhally, Sut (2004, January) Image-Bases Culture: Advertising and Popular Culture Online Power Search database. Article No 17591 . The article is very specific and detailed on advertising effects culture today. Example of this would be billboards around town promoting sex and music to children in order for
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Unformatted text preview: them to buy their cd’s or concert tickets. This source is credible because the author is informing the reader about issues and is backing his opinions with facts. Phillips, D.P. and Cartensen (1986) Clustering of teenage suicides after television news stories about suicide. New England and Journal of Medicine 315, 685-689 EBSCOhost database. The article is written by an author with many credentials. The author backs up all opions with fact and cross-reference with other sources. This sources will allow me to show how the media is teaching children how to get away from crimes and how it id numbering them to reality “What must you do to convert the annotated bibliography to an APA-formatted reference page, due in Week Seven as part of your rough draft?” The only thing to do is delete the summary, or the brief overview of the article, website, or book cited. The bibliography already has the APA format citation, but the review will be removed....
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