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Ways of assessing middle school students the knowledge of history. You can asses a child's knowledge in many different ways. If I were a history teacher, I would allow each student to make illustrations, guidelines, and timelines of history. This would give them a better view of the topic they are working on. I would want the students to make visual projects such as posters, and models of certain things from history. The visuals will give the students a mental imagery of the world, which is spatial intelligence. A student who is in band or music could use musical intelligence by performing a piece of music from history. I would assign written and oral reports to assess the child’s knowledge of history. Being able to give written and oral reports in front of the class would be a part of
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Unformatted text preview: linguistic intelligence. Another good way to assess a child’s knowledge would be through logical intelligence. I would give the children critical thinking questions within a group so they could compare their ideas and answers. The test that I would give would be multiple choice, matching, and short essay questions to test the knowledge that they are gaining. Another way I would assess a child’s knowledge would be through teamwork. I would pair them up or put them in groups to work on history projects to resolve conflicts and look at different situations in history from different perspectives. This would be a good way for the children to work on their interpersonal intelligence....
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