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Case studies 15.2-16.2-17.2-Greenbursg Part 6

Case studies 15.2-16.2-17.2-Greenbursg Part 6 - INTEGRATED...

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INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS AT OGDEN PUBLICATIONS VIDEO CASE 15.2 Submitted by Moisés Moraga Pérez Prepared for Michael B. Miller MRKT 5000: Marketing Fall 1, 2011 Webster University Little Rock Metropolitan Campus Come up with a single marketing and PR Campaign to promote three or four of Ogden’s magazines. Visit www.ogdenpubs.com to learn more about each title.
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Go Green At Ogden Publications we go Green. We are dedicated to preserve the green life style. What are the challenges of maintaining a consistent look and feel across different media? What are the editorial and design differences between a Web magazine and a print one? Is a big challenge because they have to be standards in all their design, this include colors, fonts and layouts. All the areas that work in the production cycle, they have to stick their plans to a style manual. A training session is in the works for the ad sales department, production, the rest of the marketing, and PR team so everyone will be working from the same standard.
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