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RJ Lawrence Tiu 3 rd Year Starapple Opinionated Opinion John McCain or Barack Obama I.A The American Leader We Need Since USA is the only superpower in the world, it would only be right for it to have a fit leader. The new American leader should return America’s economic stability and self-confidence. He should also be able to re-engage with the world organizations, accepting that even a superpower should accept the rules that others apply. He should aim to make a success of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Renewal Conference in 2010. He should unleash America’s potential in boosting energy efficiency and clean technologies. America’s relationship with China will be a key to prosperity. I.B Opinion I really agree to what this man says. The US president should really be like this. This is not only what America needs, this is what the world needs. If the chosen president could accomplish this, certainly the world would be a better place. My only disagreement with this opinion is that America should have more relationships tha g
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