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RJ Lawrence Tiu 3 rd Year Starapple Opinionated Opinion Barack Husein Obama, US President I.A The Next President of the United States The best trait of Obama would be his guts. He has guts because the position he wants has been occupied by 42 whites. He broke the streak when he became the US President. He conducted his campaigns with perfect civility and faced up issues boldly. Obama has apparently been calm in the debates against McCain. And in the end Obama won the elections. I.B Opinion I believe Obama is the rightful President because of his accomplishments and goals. He is the very first African-American president which shows that America is accepting changes in regards to racism. The whites have now realized that they are equal with the blacks. Obama was more about the people which made him win the elections. II.A Ironies in Obama’s Triumph People around the world rejoice that the Americans chose Barack Husein Obama as US president, but they must also remember they chose George Bush as their president
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Unformatted text preview: in 2004 and it unleashed a self-righteousness gone berserk. It has shown that Obama could have actually lost to McCain because when America was handed to Obama, it was already under an economic meltdown. How could Obama fix America if he has no funds to use? II. B Opinion I really pity Obama. America was given to him when it is at its lowest point. The American people expect him to fix all the problems but how could he do that if he has no funds. The American people are now rejoicing that Obama won, but I am sure that it wouldn’t stay that long because the people would want the promises immediately. Since Obama has no funds, he could not finish his goals, which in turn would make the people angry. In the end Obama would have to borrow funds and would be in such a debt that it would result to the downfall of the world’s only superpower, the United States....
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