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RJ Lawrence Tiu 4 th year Starapple Nature Nature is life and so much more. It includes everything from now and before. To the future which no one can foretell, I hope it will still exist and be well. Nature ranges from the ground to the sky, From the biggest ocean to the smallest fly. And all the animals and plants that increase, I hope this growing will never cease. Nature is everything found on Earth. It is the magic of death and birth. It is created by Almighty God, Who controls everything perfect or flawed.
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Unformatted text preview: Nature is certainly dying. We could already see the ice caps melting. The heat of the sun is unbearable. If we don’t act now, the consequences could be brutal. Nature in us, has trust. But illegal loggers turn trees to dust. Fishermen use dynamite to catch fish. If we don’t stop them, nature is finished. Nature is still as beautiful as ever. But keeping it this way will be a task forever. Everyone must help for us to succeed. Go out now and plant a seed....
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