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Spring 2010 MA 22000 – Topics List I. Evaluating a function when the input is not numeric For example: f ( x + Δ x ) f ( x ) Δ x II. Composition of functions III. Finding limits Using a table From a graph By direct substitution By factoring and canceling In the definition of derivative (limit of a difference quotient) IV. Finding values where function is not differentiable Using a graph V. Using derivative rules Power rule Product rule Quotient rule General power rule (chain rule) VI. Applications using the derivative Finding the slope/equation of a tangent line; finding point(s) where slope of a tangent line
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Unformatted text preview: has a given value • Finding the rate of change of a function • Finding a marginal function and its use in estimating actual change • Finding velocity • Finding the value of a derivative at a given point VII. Applications not using the derivative • Finding the y-value of a point • Finding the average rate of change • Finding the actual change • Estimating the slope of a graph at a point using a grid • Estimating the average rate of change and rate of change of a function using a grid...
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