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Unformatted text preview: COURSE INFORMATION – MA 22100 and MA 22200 Spring 2010 HOMEWORK AND QUIZZES: Homework will be done online. The deadline for submission is 11:50 pm on the next class day after the homework was assigned. For example, homework assigned on Monday is due at 11:50 pm on Wednesday. Late homework will not be accepted. There will be frequent quizzes. No make-up quizzes will be given. Only your instructor can excuse homework and quizzes. EXAMS: There are two in-class midterm exams, one evening midterm exam and a final exam. The two in-class midterm exams are written and graded by your instructor, with partial credit being possible. The evening midterm exam is a course-wide, multiple-choice, machine-graded exam written by the course coordinator. The final exam is a course-wide, 25-question, multiple-choice, machine-graded exam, also written by the course coordinator. Mark these exam dates on your calendar. EXAM 1: Wednesday, 3 February (in class) EXAM 2: Monday, 1 March, 8:00 pm – 9:15 pm (in WTHR 200 and MTHW 210) EXAM 3: Monday, 5 April (in class) If you have a class or exam conflict with Exam 2 or the Final, you should contact your instructor before the exam . You will be allowed to take an alternate exam without any penalty. If you miss any exam, contact your instructor immediately to explain your absence. You should be prepared to present documentation explaining your absence to your instructor. Without documentation you still may be allowed to take an alternate exam with a penalty. Only your instructor can give youstill may be allowed to take an alternate exam with a penalty....
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221and222Groundrules(CourseInformation)onlineSp10 - COURSE...

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