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MA 22200 FINAL EXAM INFORMATION The fnal exam is scheduled ±or Monday, 3 May, 10:20 am -- 12:20 pm in LILY G126 . The fnal exam is a 150 point, comprehensive, multiple- choice exam. There are 25 questions on the exam. The only ±ormulas provided are those listed on the ±ormula sheet on the course web page. Note that we do not use "none o± the above" as an answer choice. Please bring photo ID to the fnal. Without it, you may not be allowed to take the fnal. You will need to enter your name, 4-digit section number, and ten-digit Purdue ID number on the scantron to be sure your instructor receives your score on the fnal. Your instructor will announce the ±our digit section number in class and at the fnal. Practice problems ±or the fnal are available on the course web page. However, do not ±ocus solely on these problems to review. Be sure to also look at the homework problems, the quizzes, your instructor's examples ±rom class and your midterm exams. Remember to bring a one-line calculator to the fnal.
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Unformatted text preview: You cannot share calculators at the fnal. Cell phones and all other electronic devices must be turned o and put away during the fnal. There is no partial credit on the exam. However, you should show all o your work on every problem and circle your answer on the exam itsel. In the unlikely event that anything happens to your scantron, the exam will be used as a backup. No regrades will be allowed or miscoded answer sheets. Final exam scores and letter grade estimates will be available via the course web page by the end o exam week. Course grades will be available on myPurdue on Wednesday, 12 May. If you need to request an alternate Fnal, please contact your instructor as soon as possible . The only guaranteed reasons or an alternate fnal without penalty are three fnals in one day, two fnals at the same time, special ADA cases, documented personal illness or documented amily emergency. In some cases, an alternate fnal may not be allowed at all....
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