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Systems Microbiology ° Environmental Genomics and Microbial Ecology o Natural microbial diversity o Molecular microbial ecology techniques o Environmental Genomics ° Methods for trying to understand bacterial communities – we don’t normally get pure cultures o If you get a pure culture, it’s much easier to describe o But then you have to be able to describe how it interacts with the larger mixed environment that it came from o Counting: ° Seawater plate count (hundreds of cells per ml) ° Direct count – fluorescence (millions of cells per ml) ° Why do we get this difference? ° If there are all these microbes that won’t grow on a plate culture in the lab, then how can we characterize and study them? o Microbial evolution and phylyogeny o Cultivation independent surveys – Phylogenetic relationships ° Polymerase Chain Reaction was invented since this
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Unformatted text preview: process was come up with – it allows you to amplify a particular gene from a complex DNA mixture ° That helps with Phylogenetic analysis o Known Bacterial Phylogenetic Divisions – in 1987, there were only 12. Now there are around a hundred, most of which we haven’t been able to culture. o The diversity is enormous – but how does that help us understand their properties and function? o Remember, Phylogenetic trees are simply measures of genetic difference o Secondary structure of a small subunit of rRNA – you can design an oligo-nucleotide probe o Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization – a species-specific DNA probe – we can identify cells even at the single-cell level ° Beyond just identifying cells, you can start to recognize specific patterns of environmental interaction...
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