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Systems Microbiology o Remember, every organism really needs nitrogen to grow ° There are some really interesting associations that form as a result ° Diagram: N 2 fixing symbiont inside a diatom ° Ship worms, which eat up wood really quickly so it doesn’t just float around the ocean for long. • They chew up wood, eating cellulose. • This is all carbohydrates – there’s no nitrogen • The relationship that forms is similar to that of the aphids • They have nitrogen-fixing bacteria that provide nitrogen, while the ship worm gives the bacteria a place to live. ° Nitrogen-fixing bacteria in soya plant root nodules • They have symbionts pulling in nitrogen from the atmosphere, so they can grow in really poor soils • These relationships involve interspecies crosstalk between bacteria and plants Rhizobia wouldn’t ordinarily fix nitrogen if they were just living in the soil by themselves – they wouldn’t need to • But when they live on the plant’s root nodules, they start fixing nitrogen
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